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These Five Star Reviews are from actual patients who have visited Complete Care Community Health Center in Monterey Park.


I like the office because it is close to my office and there is plenty of parking.  The office is usually busy but the staff is friendly and curious and I get in quickly to see the doctor.  Dr. Srini is very caring, knowledgeable and helpful and in a world where doctors see you as a number and get you in and out as quickly he is very kind and was able to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend Monterey Park Medical Center.” – James S., Beverly Hills, CA  (YELP) Yelp-Five-Star-Review

Dr. Srini is one of the very few great and caring doctors left in SC. I was provided with great care and given great attention during my visits at his practice. I did not have to wait long to see him or has any issues with his staff. I actually prefer to see him rather than seeing any other doctor who is only interested in masking a health issue with medication instead of treating it properly . Dr. Srini truly believes in promoting great health by offering preventive care and provides alternative options to medicating and sending you home just so that you end up returning with new health issues. He works very hard at keeping every one of his patients healthy and happy. I highly recommend him at any one of his practices.” – Mona A., San Clemente, CA (YELP) Yelp-Five-Star-Review

The staff here is most helpful. Dr. Srini is one of the few doctors left who treat the patient, not the disease. My wait time was not very long and I was able to ask the doctor as many questions as I needed. I highly recommend this clinic.” – Doug C. (YELP) Five Star Review on Yelp

I am very happy to tell the yelp followers that Monterey Park Medical Center will solve your problems if you Are experiencing knee problems.  Not only was I correctly diagnosed but treatment and pain solved.  The ER in Sherman Oaks to me was a waste of time came in and out with wrong diagnosed. In MP Medical Center everyone from the front and back staff was amazing! Dr Srinivasan a well known Rheumatologist and LuisAna the PaC. Exceeded in their treatment and care I highly recommend MP medical center the doctors N staff will not disappoint you!” – Anna E., Monterey Park, CA (YELP) Monterey Park Medical Center Five Star Reviews on Yelp

I currently have 2 of my kids getting treated there and I can honestly say I love the way they treat me and my kids I love Dr. Srinivasan because he gives me time needed and explains to me the conditions my kids have sometime I also get to see the physician assistant Luisana she is such a great person very friendly and takes her time my teenage daughters feel very comfortable speaking to her regarding the personal matters. I also want to thank office manager Cristina she is a very understanding person and very sweet. The girls there are very nice always caring about the patients i would highly recommend Dr. Srinivasan.” – Maria R., Monterey Park, CA (YELP) Monterey Park Medical Center Five Star Reviews on Yelp

I have taken my 2 daughters to dr.srini and luisana and im very happy the way they take their time and explain everything that is going on with my girls one is 2 and my baby 6 month .. will continue coming to Dr. Srini…” – Evelith G., Los Angeles, CA (YELP) Monterey Park Medical Center Five Star Reviews on Yelp

I like this office. The staff was very helpful, they checked my insurance eligibility ahead of time which made the process smooth when I arrived.  Dr. Srinivasan is the best! He is the rare remaining doctor who thoroughly diagnoses & treats his patients with care, compassion.  He is a hidden gem in Monterey Park.” – Fred W., Woodland Hills, CA (YELP) Monterey Park Medical Center Five Star Reviews on Yelp

I came to this office for a vitamin infusion; the wait time was not very long, the office staff is very friendly they help you out with any questions you have. They have very practical prices that you won’t find elsewhere.  The vitamin infusion helped me a lot with my energy level, I was able to sleep well at night like never before. I also brought my husband for chronic low back pain which they give injections. Next day, pain was gone which is amazing. Never thought injection would work that fast . Provider Luisana took her time on explaining and answering all our questions. Definitely going back for any other medical concern since they offer multiple medical services.” – Juanita F., South El Monte, CA (YELP) Monterey Park Medical Center Five Star Reviews on Yelp

“Exellente servico emfermeras y Dr. muy profecionales toman tiempo escucharte y darte el mejor servicio profecinal y muy digno  te atienden con profecionalismo no los cambiaria por nada  atienden ami mama ,a mi hermana y ami  por varios años somos partede ustedes gracias por su buen servicio asi anosotras gracias.lo recomiendo.” – Elizabeth F., Bell Gardens, CA (YELP) Monterey Park Medical Center Five Star Reviews on Yelp

“Vine aqui para una consulta con el Rheumatologo y quede muy satisfecha con los servicios de la clinica. El personal es muy hamable. La espera si es un poco mas que en otras clinicas pero despues de consultar al doctor me di cuenta que definitiva mente vale la pena. El doctor tomo su tiempo conmigo y contesto todas mis preguntas. Los precios so muy rasonables vine como paciente cash y pude recibir una injeccion para el dolor y la consulta por menos de los que otros doctores cobran.” – Ana A., Huntington Park, CA Monterey Park Medical Center Five Star Reviews on Yelp

When my doctor referred me there I  kept my appointment. I am glad I did because I got treated for all my illnesses. Dr. Srinivasan sent me to a Cardiologist and he immediately took care of me. The best part is that the doctors actually takes time with you and explains what you have and how  he can help you . He explains differences between treatments and lets you choose how you want to be treated.  He is caring and understanding. The staff is actually very nice. I have also read people complaints about wait time, but if the doctor is paying you special attention and working with his patients the wait is worth it. I have no complains and would recommend him with all confidence.” – Maria M., Maywood, CA Monterey Park Medical Center Five Star Reviews on Yelp


At first I was really nervous and I was a bit put off by the staff, when I first walked no one greeted me or asked me what I needed for about five minutes. But it was clear that they were very busy and that they were doing the best they could. Also the doctor made me feel like he really cared about my health. He didn’t want to just treat my symptoms and send me home, he really wanted to get to the bottom of my illness and make sure we figure everything out. That meant a lot to me.” – Verified patient (ZocDoc) Five Star Review from ZocDoc


At 54 years old, I’ve had my share of medical experiences. Doctors, hospitals, clinics, ER, outpatient…the works.
None have come close to the old-fashioned care…real, thoughtful medical care, that I experienced with Dr. Sirini at Monterey Park Medical Center.
No matter where you live in S. Cal, it is worth the drive to go here. You’ll fall in love with his entire staff and feel like a time traveler back to a day when doctors sat with you, listened, didn’t watch the clock and focused on treating you…the patient, instead of pushing drugs.
Don’t wait. Make an appointment at this clinic for yourself.” – Doug Crowe (Google+) 5-Star-Reviews


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